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Who Are We?

Real Roar is a Woman/Veteran-Owned San Diego County based small business that specializes in producing pure RAW Dog & Cat food by using a perfectly curated array of freshly butchered meats, bones and organs without any additives or preservatives.

We are solely focused on improving and maintaining the well-being, both internally and externally, of our fur-clients in hopes of giving them the longest, healthiest, happiest lives possible.

We deliver once a month to San Diego County (and go as far as South Los Angeles/Orange County Areas). Text or call us with your delivery address and we will let you know if you're on our route!

                                    We do NOT ship RAW meats or any frozen products. 

"I took Bodie (our 13-year-old Terrier Mix) in for a routine teeth cleaning. When the vet ran his bloodwork, his protein levels were drastically low. He was not a candidate for being put under for a cleaning. The next step was to find out what was wrong. The vet ran tests and suggested a specific kibble. After a very short time, Bodie bloated to 33lbs (he is normally closer to 18-20lbs.) He couldn’t get comfortable and he was seriously miserable. The vet drained close to 3 pounds of fluid from his abdomen and suggested a $1,800 scope procedure. I became weary when they could not tell me what the fluid was.

My wife and I talked about what to do for Bodie. By this time I was a Dog-Mom mess, thinking the worst. Then it clicked. Contact Lena at Real Roar. And boy did we! I had known her for years from a previous company we both worked for before she started her own raw pet food business.

Lena asked a ton of questions, even asking for the results of the bloodwork and the panel from the vet. We scheduled an appointment for Lena to come and meet Bodie. Lenas realistic approach and specific questions got us excited about other options. We loved her honesty and transparency. More than once she said “I’m not a vet. I can only tell you from my experiences and hearing other peoples experiences.” Within days we transitioned Bodie from kibble to a full raw food diet with Real Roar. He lost 9lbs the first week and was quickly getting back to his old self.

He is still on a full raw diet dog, as is our other 11-year-old Terrier Mix, after 4 years."

Teresa M.

"I had been feeding raw after I saw a dog at a hardware store with an amazing coat and asked the owner what they did. Found out they just fed their dog raw chickens from the store! I did some research and became convinced that a raw food diet was the way to go. Dogs and cats are carnivores by nature, so it made total sense to me to switch to raw for my cats.

We had been using a local supplier for a couple years but found the pickup of food inconvenient for us. Then my husband saw Real Roars delivery truck on the freeway and immediately wrote down the number. We contacted Lena, the owner of Real Roar, and found out even though she was based in San Diego, she makes delivers as far north as Los Angeles! We were ecstatic and started our cat on Real Roar immediately.

We have been with Real Roar for a couple years now and I have to say, not only is our cat healthy and full of energy, he will sit on the counter waiting for her Real Roar raw food meal every day." 

Kimberly K.

"We had been feeding a raw food diet to our dogs for years, but it was always a pain to find a consistent source. We used to always be on the lookout for butchers and “meat people” that we could talk into buying raw from. Then we were referred to Lena at Real Roar and fell in love with the convenience of her delivery service and the wide variety of raw diet product she offers! She puts the dogs health first above all else. And we are continually amazed at how flexible she is with her delivery schedule and dedicated to answer any questions we have.

When we switched to raw, the biggest thing we noticed is that the dog's poop doesn’t smell as bad, is tighter and more compact. While most people don’t want to talk about dog poop, it’s basically a daily checkup on how healthy your dog is. It’s the easiest, fastest, and most reliable ways for the non-vet to make their dog healthy and thriving.

Our pet family (all on Real Roar now) consists of Birdie (11 years old) who has had two knee surgeries and Cushing’s Disease, and still loves to go on walks, chase balls at the beach, and swim. Norton is 10 years old, but he acts like he’s five, still sprinting around the house with Marvel, our only 3 years old. All our dogs are healthy, active and full of energy."

Nik H.
Paleo Treats

"I am a health nut and I treat my pet’s diet the same way I treat my own. Understanding what’s good for your body means starting with a proper diet. I have been feeding my dogs a raw diet for several years after educating myself on the principals of BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.)

I have been using Real Roar for over 15 years for both raw food and bones, and my dogs are in love with eating! When people approach me in the parks about how health my dogs look (two Greyhounds, 4 years old and 6 years old), I tell them about Real Roar and that it’s all about the pet’s diet. I refer people to Lena, owner of Real Roar because of her experience. She knows the amount of food your pet needs and will set you up on a monthly delivery schedule. I respect her knowledge and know she will want what’s best for the pet first. She delivers exactly what you need to know (education) - her expertise and customized work with pets is the best."

Gerri S.

About Us

Lena Dubrovsky-Fishman

Store Owner

Feeding RAW Is Our Passion!

The first time Lena was introduced to feeding RAW was at a UKC Weight Pull competition by her friend Lori, many years ago. At that time, Lori had 3 gorgeous red-nose pit bulls; Rocko, Tara and Fury. The first thing that stood out to Lena was their coats, very shiny and smooth. It was very hard to believe that their healthy coats were only one small benefit of feeding the RAW diet.

When Lena rescued Diesel, he had severe allergies and would spend hours biting and gnawing at his skin until it was bleeding. Prescribed Meds, baths and crèmes were all a temporary, minor relief. His coat was very dull, the shedding continued all year round with uncontrollable dandruff and he was always uncomfortable and in pain. A permanent solution was needed.

At first, the idea of feeding raw bones seemed outrageous. Could he choke? Would Lena’s picky puppy even try it? Lori brought a few chicken backs over for Diesel to try and sure enough he chomped them down with pleasure.

That night Lena spent hours researching all about feeding RAW. She decided to give it a try under guidance of her friend Lori. Within two weeks she noticed results. Diesel was no longer producing disgusting, huge piles of putrid waste. His stool volume was much smaller, almost odorless and crumbled like sand within hours. His natural energy level increased and within 2-3 weeks his coat was beginning to glisten like Lori’s dogs had. Because of the RAW bones, his teeth became pearly white and there was no need for dental cleanings. He lost the unhealthy fat around his ribs; he rarely had any eye discharge and his allergies were slowly improving.

Lena continued to feed Diesel RAW (because let's be honest, once you see such incredible results after struggles with conventional medicine you just cannot fathom switching back), nothing prepared her for the day his Veterinarian called. His vet was very concerned as it had been almost a year since Diesel had been in the office. The RAW diet had cured his allergies and he no longer itched or scooted his behind; he was spending all that time being a dog, playing with toys and bothering the birds outside.Diesel competed in the canine sport of UKC Weight Pull and had won many titles. His most weight pulled to date was 5,300lbs. Yes, you read that right, over 2 tons! Diesel was not an amazing athlete because of the RAW Diet, but we truly believe that the RAW Diet had provided Diesel an opportunity to be healthy enough to be so GREAT at his favorite sport and any other daily activity/challenge he encountered.

A few years later little Kilo came into Lena’s life. Kilo was a 4 week old, sick, little puppy. At the time, Lena had no idea what to feed a puppy that age. She immediately pulled a Chicken Back out of the freezer and let it thaw. She put the Chicken Back into a zip lock bag and beat it with a hammer until the meat was mushy, but still held together by the bone. She placed it on a towel outside and watched Kilo hungrily ripped little chunks off as if she has never seen food before, this behavior has continued into her adult life.

Since then, Lena has had the opportunity to help many struggling with allergies and other minor health issues. She has watched many dogs benefit from their renewed lifestyle and decided to dedicate her business to RAW and helping pets and their owners get the most out of one life time.

“It’s very hard to believe someone else’s promise alone, but it’s amazing when you begin to see the results with your own eyes in a matter of 1-2 weeks. RAW diet has completely changed Diesels life and the lives of many of my clients. Not everyone comes to me because their fury babies have some sort of a medical condition; most just want a healthy immune system and longer life expectancy for their furry best friends. Thanks to this diet, I have not only managed to keep two very beautiful, healthy and happy dogs, but saved thousands of dollars in medical expenses and have many clients who have similar miracle stories to tell about feeding RAW. I hope everyone sees the amazing benefits. Seeing is the key to believing!” Lena Dubrovsky



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